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What was that? Nothing? by hhemken
by hhemken

Looks good! I especially like her expression, which neatly sums up the mood of the whole scene. Another virtue is the use of depth of f...

A belated meme

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 8, 2015, 1:15 PM

Saw this in beibaku-mae's journal (all the way back in June 2009!), and one of the Chronophontians (you couldn't possibly guess which one ;)) insisted.

Choose 3 of your OCs. They can be from anything. Original stories, fanfic OCs, whatever. It doesn't matter. None of this matters.

1. :iconvirtualpandora: Pandora
2 and 3.  The other Chronophontians looked this over - we only got one volunteer.

1) So. Introduce yourselves. Are you related in any way, or do you have no idea who the hell each other is?
:iconvirtualpandora:  I'm Pandora.  You can call me Penny when we're alone together though.  We're all sisters in arms here (not always in each other's arms, but...)

2) Great, great. So. Ever gotten a blowjob?
:iconvirtualpandora:  Technically not, I'm not built for it.  I love the equivalent, though!  C'mon over.

3) HURR. That last question was uncalled for! Anyhoo. What do you like doing when no one else is looking?
:iconvirtualpandora:  Anything I'd like when someone IS looking.  And I like it better that way anyway.  And when are you gonna come over here?

4) Have any secret shames that you'd like to indulge upon us today?
:iconvirtualpandora:  I've been described as shameless.  Can't say it ain't so, and wouldn't if I could.

5) Got any ultra-quirky kinks?
:iconvirtualpandora:  Not particularly quirky - I've seen it all, and done quite a lot of it :D

6) Within the last month, how many people have you done questionable acts with?
:iconvirtualpandora:  Everybody who would let me.

7) Do you love me? I love you.
:iconvirtualpandora:  Well of course!  :heart::kiss::horny:

8) Are you hurt because I lied in that last question?
:iconvirtualpandora:  That just means you need more love.  C'mon over, honey.

9) If you could kill someone and get away with it, who would it be?
:iconvirtualpandora:  Just time, and I DO get away with that.

10) What is the one things that sets you off so much that you'll go from docile to rabid squirrel monkey in 12 seconds?
:iconvirtualpandora:  Anybody being mean.  But I get rabid in a nice way with hugs and kisses and stuff like that.  C'mon over, honey.

11) Who the hell are you people? Why are you in my house? Are you even people? Get outta my stuff!
:iconvirtualpandora:  Was this your stuff?  Thanks! :hug::kiss:

12) Does rain filter down through your handsome volcano rocks to create a wild mineral water that's tasty for the men/ladies?
:iconvirtualpandora:  Um, I like Glenlivet.

13) I'm going off track a little. Um. How many people have seen you bare-ass nekkid?
:iconvirtualpandora:  Nowhere near enough people.  HEY EVERYBODY!!!!!! :moon:

14) How lovely. Have you ever wanted to smoke crack? Are you a crackhead?
:iconvirtualpandora:  I've posed with a lit cigar.  Haven't tried crack yet...there's no hurry.

15) Are you wondering how many more of these questions you must endure?
:iconvirtualpandora:  Oh, I know.  I peeked.

16) What's the strangest thing you've ever licked?
:iconvirtualpandora:  In a few minutes, it will be you.  Hurry up with those pants!

17) How many people have you confided in about your contamination with SuperAIDS?
:iconvirtualpandora:  Lemme get it first.

18) There is no question 18.
:iconvirtualpandora:  You're 18, aren't you?

19) Have you ever considered a fetish?
:iconvirtualpandora:  (flashes handcuff tattoo)  No comment.

20) This mindless torture is over. Does this make you shit your pants in glee?
:iconvirtualpandora:  What pants?


On thanking faves: I like to! Even when I run into curmudgeons who actually object to being thanked. :? :X

However, I have the problem of being popular! Well, sort of. Not, thank God, popular enough to make enemies, but popular enough that I can't thank every fave. So as a compromise, I thank everyone who faves and comments, and everyone who faves more than once during the period (typically four or five days) before the next time I go through and delete messages. So if you fave and don't get a thank-you, sorry, I thank you all!
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Happy birthday, Liz by Chronophontes
Happy birthday, Liz
Not the usual way to celebrate one's birthday, but :iconshnoogums5060:'s DX Diva Elizabeth rather likes to be chained up.

Elizabeth thumb by Chronophontes  It's a very nice birthday present.  And a cake too!

Francoise thumb by Chronophontes  Maybe I can feed some to you!

Elizabeth thumb by Chronophontes  That would be lovely.

Francoise thumb by Chronophontes  Be careful!  I'm an excellent maid, but I might still spill a the right places, of course. ;)

Credits: scene is the Dungeon Hall by ???.  Elizabeth is (c) shnoogums5060.
The patriotic vampire by Chronophontes
The patriotic vampire
Of course Euthanasia the Vampire isn't a patriotic American, but she is a patriotic Transylvanian!  Since Transylvania doesn't have an Independence Day, having never been officially independent, she celebrates on the Fourth of July, American style.

And her pet monster, Dorpodon, is celebrating the American holiday.

:iconvirtualeuthanasia:  Quick, finish the render before he shakes off that silly hat.

Credits: Haunted Mansion by Redhouse with "Forsaken" textures by IsauraS, both from DAZ.  Euthie is wearing the Butterfly Dress by EnglishBob… .

The usual historical note about that flag in the background:  It's one of many Transylvanian flags, none of them ever official because Transylvania has never been technically independent.  It's part of Romania now, formerly part of Hungary; the majority of Transylvanians are ethnic Romanians, though there's still a large Hungarian minority, of which Euthie (Baroness Maria Renata Nagyszentmiklosy) is one.  She thinks of herself as Transylvanian rather than Hungarian or Romanian, so she was pleased to have that flag, from Flaggenparadies… .  This flag may be of German origin, since it shows the seven castles of Siebenbürgen, the German name of Transylvania.
Bedtime with Daddy by Chronophontes
Bedtime with Daddy
More of :iconsilver-fox-princess:'s family!  Her little Carina gets to be tucked in by her daddy Jamie...

Carina thumb by Chronophontes  :yawn: G'night, daddy...

(I think Daddy will be going to bed himself pretty soon - with Mommy Cassie, of course!)

Credits:  this is based pretty closely on Bedtime, where Carina's Uncle Erik tucks her in.  The scene is the Fairytale Cottage by DAZ Originals, with end table from the the Reflections Victorian Bedroom by DAZ Originals and Laurie S, and waterbed by ???.  The "bunny" toy is actually a guinea pig, by Steve Shanks… .  Carina and Jamie are (c) Silver-Fox-Princess.
Movie time by Chronophontes
Movie time
:iconsilver-fox-princess:'s family, Cassie, Jamie and Carina, are enjoying a movie together.

...Actually, one suspects that while Carina has fallen asleep, Cassie and Jamie are enjoying each other rather more than the movie...'

Credits: couch from the Luxury Apartment by Richabri… .  The movie is being watched  on a TV by 3-d-c… .  Carina, Cassie and Jamie are (c) Silver-Fox-Princess.
Black silk by Chronophontes
Black silk
Euthie couldn't resist showing off her new black silk T-shirt and sweat-pant jammies.

:iconvirtualeuthanasia:  If they look good, it's cause I look good.

Credits:  Euthie's usual scene, her Haunted Mansion by Redhouse with "Forsaken" textures by IsauraS, both from DAZ.  She's wearing the dynamic T-shirt and pants props by Fugazi1968… .

It's a cross-eye stereogram.  Cross your eyes; you'll see four images instead of two.  Adjust the crossing until the two middle ones snap together, then enjoy!


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How long do mermaids (and mermen) live? 

14 deviants said Same as ordinary humans - normally under a hundred years
11 deviants said o A long time (hundreds or thousands of years) but with human-length pregnancy (9 months) and childhood/adolescence (about 18 years)
8 deviants said A long time, with long childhood (hundreds of years) but human-length pregnancy
5 deviants said A long time, with long childhood and pregnancy
5 deviants said Other (tell us about it!)


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