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What was that? Nothing? by hhemken
by hhemken

Looks good! I especially like her expression, which neatly sums up the mood of the whole scene. Another virtue is the use of depth of f...

The languages of the Chronophontians

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 9, 2015, 5:16 PM

I never cease to be fascinated by this!  There are SO many language issues in maintaining a "family" of characters from around the world.

Well, first of all, they don't all speak English!  And those who do, speak many varieties.

    Euthanasia speaks no English.  Hungarian and Romanian fluently; some German, some "polite" French, and she can read Latin.  Thanks to her involvement with Erik the Phantom, she has brushed up on her French and modernized it considerably from the Louis XIV-era Parisian that she was taught.  
:iconvirtualeuthanasia:  He said I sounded Canadian.  I don't think he meant that respectfully.
    By the miracle of telepathic channelling (do I believe in it?  You're welcome to wonder) I hear Euthie in fully idiomatic, slangy, often vulgar American.
    Jeannine is French, and thinks in French.  (Cuss words and all.)  I "hear" her speaking Very Correct English with a slight French accent; I interpret this to mean that she is speaking "school" English to me, with an accent.
    Natasha is Russian, but apparently also learned English in school, because I "hear" her with an accent too.
:iconvirtualnatasha:  WITHOUT cuss words.  Russian has a lot of those, but I don't like them!
    Pandora is from Omaha, Nebraska U-S-A!!  And she talks that way.
    Mamma Giovanna was born in Italy and spent most of her adult life in daughter Pandora's homeland of Omaha.  Giovanna learned Neapolitan dialect from her parents and childhood neighbors in Brooklyn; she learned Standard TV American from TV, her college roommates, and adult neighbors.  But she loves her "native" Brooklynese, and when, after some time in Chronophontia, it dawned on her that it was OK to talk like a New Yorker, she took to it enthusiastically!  (Think Bugs Bunny or the Three Stooges, but in lovely feminine alto tones.)
    Aisha is from Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A., and sounds like an educated Black woman from Detroit.
    I once had a (fortunately friendly) exchange with a lady at dA who asserted that there was no such thing as a "Black accent".  I just don't know how else to characterize Aisha's speech.  She's educated and thoroughly literate; her grammar is Standard American; but when you listen to her, you can, well, identify her race.  Not all African-Americans sound like Aisha, but many do, and nobody else does.
    (FWIW, she has decided she does not mind stereotypes about ribs and watermelon.  She likes both.)

:iconvirtualaisha:  Ribs and watermelon are GOOD.  I LIKE them.  People can stereotype me to their heart's content, and usually they'll be wrong, but they're right about THOSE! :P
    Maryna the Mermaid is Polish, but apparently learned English in school, because as with Jeannine and Natasha, I "hear" her Polish accent, or what passes as one with me.
    All of the others speak idiomatic midwestern American - perhaps with a slight Chicago accent such as I have.  (I don't say "dese" and "dose" like the late Mayor Daley Senior (1905-1976), but I do fail to aspirate my stops.  (Sorry, I'm sort of a linguist, and I don't know how to describe that non-technically.  What it boils down to is that I say "top" and "stop" with the same kind of "t", which you probably don't.  There's usually a little puff of air in "t(h)op", just not the way I say it.)


On thanking faves: I like to! Even when I run into curmudgeons who actually object to being thanked. :? :X

However, I have the problem of being popular! Well, sort of. Not, thank God, popular enough to make enemies, but popular enough that I can't thank every fave. So as a compromise, I thank everyone who faves and comments, and everyone who faves more than once during the period (typically four or five days) before the next time I go through and delete messages. So if you fave and don't get a thank-you, sorry, I thank you all!
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Catgirls in the rain by Chronophontes
Catgirls in the rain
Ari thumb by Chronophontes I LOVE it!

Abby thumb by Chronophontes I HATE it.

:iconanyagladstone:'s lovely busty redhead Ari once remarked that she didn't like water falling on her.  That was before she discovered warm tropical daytime rain!

Ari thumb by Chronophontes Best of all, without clothes to get all soaked.

Anya's Abby, on the other hand, has never liked water except to drink.

Abby thumb by Chronophontes And for that, I prefer milk.

Credits: scene is Eden for the DAZ Millennium Environment, with a "rain" texture by me.  Umbrella by ???.  Ari and Abby are (c) AnyaGladstone.

Abby thumb by Chronophontes I don't even know what I'm doing out here.  I think that mean Tom put me here because he thought it would be cute.  At least he gave me an umbrella.  And even with that, my FEET are wet.
Dakimakuras by Chronophontes
About three years ago I did a series of "body pillows" (dakimakuras) and recently it occurred to me that Kisekae would be a good medium at least for front views.  (It doesn't let you do back views.)  So here are the Kisekae dakimakuras of Pandora, Jeannine and Aisha.

Credits: Kisekae, of course, with a little Photoshop postwork.  The sheets are the Poser cloth plane with a wave deformer.
Rain dance by Chronophontes
Rain dance
In this case, a "dance" to celebrate rain rather than to pray for it.

:iconvirtualpandora:  I love rain! - when it's nice and warm and I'm nice and naked.  No fun getting your clothes rained on.

Credits: scene is Eden for the DAZ Millennium Environment, with a "rain" texture by me.
Happy birthday, Anya! by Chronophontes
Happy birthday, Anya!
...surrounded by her own bunny girls!  From left: Chūsei, Itazurana, Namaiki, Yōchina, Anya, Gankona, Uchiki.

Gankona thumb by Chronophontes Yochina!  Aren't you a bit young to be posing like that?

Yochina thumb by Chronophontes I'm good at it, aren't I?  It's not as if I haven't seen you big girls posing like this.

Credits: that fab beach by AngelFyre32.  The bunnies are posing approximately as in Big bunch of bunnies! .  The bunnies and Anya are all (c) AnyaGladstone. (I'm not sure if I got all of their bikini and ear colors right - most, though, I think.)
Rain by Chronophontes
Pandora doesn't seem to mind it at all.

:iconvirtualpandora:  Just enjoying the weather...and if my boobs want to bounce, let 'em bounce!

Credits: scene is Eden for the DAZ Millennium Environment, with a "rain" texture by me.


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How long do mermaids (and mermen) live? 

12 deviants said Same as ordinary humans - normally under a hundred years
11 deviants said o A long time (hundreds or thousands of years) but with human-length pregnancy (9 months) and childhood/adolescence (about 18 years)
6 deviants said A long time, with long childhood (hundreds of years) but human-length pregnancy
5 deviants said A long time, with long childhood and pregnancy
5 deviants said Other (tell us about it!)


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I was in Ohio for a long weekend, but I'm back now!  (just arrived about 1/2 hour ago)  I love being able to schedule posts though, so a lot of people probably never suspected I was gone.  Thanks for suspecting! :hug:
AisikoAwayuki Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
:giggle: I see, I so totally knew you were somewhere near that area. I am glad you came back safely. I know how long road trips can be. Oh well the scheduling posts thing is a handy thing to have and it is amusing to end up figuring out if a person is around or not. 
No problem! I always notice when my friends are gone
Chronophontes Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was in Toledo, which is almost exactly halfway between us.  (She lives in central Ohio.)  So it's just over a three hour drive for each of us.  (I usually stop at the Asian store in East Lansing/Okemos on the way home.)  Next time, I'll try to let you know in advance when I'll be gone.  It would have been hard this time, though, because we had to reschedule a LOT of times (all the way back to Valentine's Day!) sometimes due to bad winter weather, sometimes due to sickness.  It was raining today in most of Ohio but at least no snow or freezing rain!
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(There used to be a horrible counterexample of this.  The very first successful web browser, from 1991 or so, was Mosaic.  You couldn't set the color of the background or the text; you were stuck with navy blue text on a royal blue background.  Don't try to read it, just enjoy the colors!)
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